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Frequently asked questions

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Can I expect my campaign to be successful overnight?

Probably not – it takes time to see the results of the leads. Equipment Financing compared to other financial products typically have a long lead to close time. However, To help, we uses technology to monitor and improve your leads automatically as you go. Businesses usually hit their stride in the second to third month, so we recommend you budget at least that amount of time for the best results. Your exact ramp-up time may be shorter or longer than that depending on various factors like the amount of competition in your local area.

How much do the leads cost?

Your lead cost is determined by your budget. We can work with almost any budget. The minimum budget of $750 per month is the lowest. With us you can stop your campaigns at the end of any batch you buy. The cost per lead can vary based on a couple of factors such as the information the client is asked, the amount of leads you are looking for, and what other possible add-ons that are available.

Where do the leads come from and how are they generated?

Here is how the leads get to you:

  1. A buyer searches for your product or service online. They get tagged by facebook of having that interest.
  2. This buyer see’s our ad.
  3. Buyer completes online form to request to speak with someone.
  4. We verify valid customer intent.
  5. You get this lead in real time delivered by email.

How are the leads sent?

You will receive an email to one address or multiple.

How do I Start getting leads?

To get started with us, you need to complete the onboarding process:

  1. Schedule a call at the link.
  2. Come to an agreement on volume and type of leads.
  3. Sign onboarding agreement & complete payment
  4. Schedule launch date.