State of the Art Funding Solutions for your Start-Up

Finally! Start-Up capital to help you fund your dream. Partnering with LenCred, Select Capital Solutions is offering an exclusive funding process for startups, and those with less than perfect credit.
  1. This custom process ensures that your company gets access to the best funding for your situation—regardless of past rejections.
  2. When others say No, we say YES!
  3. Our approval rate is over 85%.
CLICK HERE to view our Comprehensive Site, also check out this short video for More Information:

Steps to Work with Us

  • Schedule a call
  • Allow us to create your Custom Strategic Plan (CSP)
  • We execute your plan together

Contact Us

If you want to learn more about this exclusive program, contact the team at Select Capital Solutions today, and mention the BOSS Program. Or Pre-Qualify below and a representative will contact you shortly.