How it works

A non-recourse accounts receivable factoring offering can be an ideal source of financing for a business in the midst of a Chapter 11 reorganization. The underwriting process is focused on the quality of a company’s accounts receivable which enables us to fund businesses experiencing extreme financial hardship, including Debtors-in-Possession.

Program Overview

  • Factoring from $100,000 to $10 Million per month
  • Advance Rate: Up to 75% against accounts receivable
  • Non-recourse – No Personal Guaranty
  • Closing as quickly as 3-5 days

We specialize in difficult deals and can help a wide variety of B2B businesses, including manufacturers, distributors, and a range of service companies which have traits such as:

  • Negative Net Worth
  • Balance Sheet Issues
  • Losses
  • Customer Concentrations – up to 100%
  • Start-ups
  • Poor History/Weak Credit Scores

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