Become More Productive in 10 Minutes Using These Simple Tricks

Who doesn’t want to be more efficient and productive in their day-to-day life? These days, it can seem impossible to get all of your routine tasks done in a timely manner, especially when there are so many interesting distractions to veer you off course. However, there are proven ways that you can help redirect your focus and become not only a more productive worker in general, but a more well-developed individual, overall. Read on to discover some of the best productivity tricks for effortlessly handling your daily responsibilities and improving your time management skills for good, all of which can be done within ten minute increments of your day.

Before getting into the helpful tips themselves, it’s important to keep one rule in mind: the 50/10 rule, that is. This highly beneficial concept states that for every hour of your workday, you should spend 50 minutes steadily accomplishing your tasks, before allowing yourself the remaining 10 minutes to take a self-improvement break. With this idea in mind, you have plenty of ten-minute opportunities to recharge your mental and physical health and set your productivity into high gear. For example, you can start writing your thoughts and ideas in a journal every night before you go to sleep. As you work your way through your tasks during the day, you may come across a great idea or solve an important problem that needs to be addressed at a later time. Taking ten minutes to quickly put these thoughts to paper can not only help you remember them when the time comes, but it can help your mind refocus and prepare for the day ahead, with these goals at the forefront of your mind.

As for finding more ways to encourage and motivate yourself within each ten-minute break, it’s all about indulging in hobbies or activities that refresh your mind and body. Stand up from your desk and wander outside to clear your mind and get your blood flowing. Call a friend or meet them for coffee for a quick social boost that can brighten your mood. Find useful apps that can help you master your speed reading, or possibly learn new words each day that improve your vocabulary and, in turn, your communication skills in general.

However, you choose to optimize your ten minutes of each hour, make them count towards your overall productivity. Rely on these helpful tips to get you started on a simple yet effective new strategy for committing to your daily progress.


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